Now, Free fire mod itself a huge name and no need of introduction, it’s one in every of the most important battle royale titles within the mobile market. This game takes the formula that was popularized by PUBG and later Fortnite and cranks it up to eleven. That includes a lot of cosmetic things to boost your avatar, some nice skill-based shooting action, and every one the weather we’ve come back to expect of a battle royale, most would argue that Free fireplace is that the mobile battle royale game of alternative installation Process of Garena Free Fire Latest Update.

With that being mentioned, the vacation season sometimes holds several surprises once it involves events and updates, and Free hearth is not any exception. This month, players will expect to seek out several new goodies in their favorite battle royale game, as well as a spanking new map, many new cosmetics, and extra characters, among many others.

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New Map Kalahari Desert Garena Free Fire Latest Update 

So, the December update brings 2 new maps. the latest addition is the ” Kalahari desert, which is a completely distinctive setting. Meanwhile, the opposite new map is just known as “Training Island.” whereas Garena hasn’t discharged any official description on however this coaching map goes to appear, we estimate that it’s reaching to feature a walled-off zone from either island or Purgatory, wherever players will freely follow their shooting and running.

Now, the new map appearance beautiful. If not a touch commonplace in its setting, considering that the second map for PUBG was additionally a desert. however, within the terribly short map, we’ve been able to realize. Kalahari appearance terribly promising, that includes many distinctive areas like a broken ship, an area shuttle launch pad. in addition, there’s additionally a brand new Bike vehicle setting out, that players will realize within the new map which is going to be essential to traversing the desert’s treacherous dunes and locations.

His curiosity is that the Kalahari Desert is a real location, located in the southern part of the African continent, involving Angola, Botswana, Namibia, and South Africa.

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Gameplay Garena Free Fire Latest Update

The Kalahari Desert arrives at the Free Fire live server at dawn on December 12th. In addition to the new map, the upgrade will also bring a new character, a new weapon, new items, the new Diamond Royale, Gold Royale, Weapon Royale, Incubator and the Elite Pass.

Two New Characters 

While this announcement still hasn’t gone international, the Brazillian Free Fire account tweeted that 2 new characters can arrive with the latest update. The characters are Angela and Álvaro World Health Organization, like all the opposite heroes, who have their own distinctive passives and skills.

Angela and Álvaro

Angela is similar to Paloma in terms of skills. However, instead of being able to hold more AR like the latter, Angela can carry insane amounts of SMG ammo. Álvaro, on the other hand, plays like a bomber character. As his passive ability increases the damage and AoE of any explosives such as grenades, barrels, mines, and so on. The new pet, Robo, when equipped, increases the durability of GLOO shootouts in the last few circles.

New Cosmetic Additions 

When it comes to cosmetics, Garena mentioned that there’s a new Pan skin coming out. In fact, this cosmetic addition should already be available for purchase on both the Brazillian and Indonesian servers. We expect it to come out in other regions very soon. Furthermore, we’re not sure if they’re releasing additional cosmetics since the developers haven’t disclosed anything else as of today. However, we’re expecting to see Christmas-themed outfits and items before long.

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These are the most relevant and important additions that are coming to Free Fire with the December update. We’re sure there’s going to be more than what has been announced. However, the developers are mostly keeping quiet regarding the entire list of new features. So we might just have to wait until the update comes out in a few days to access the patch. Regardless, Free Fire is the battle royale that keeps getting better. Especially if you play on Gameloop with improved controls, graphics, and performance.

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